Date: 27th April 2020

WINSFORD Town Council has held it first remote meeting as the town continues to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
The Council was forced to cancel its meetings in March as the pandemic started to take hold.

Following a change in regulations from government, however, the Town Council and others like it were able to hold remote meetings using online tools such as Zoom.

The first such Town Council meeting took place on Monday 20th April 2020, with a sizeable number of councillors and members of the public in attendance.

Winsford Town Mayor Cllr Ailsa Gaskill-Jones commented, “once we got the all-clear to hold remote meetings, we started to plan to hold such a meeting.”

“It’s never easy doing something different for the first time, but we read plenty of guidance, looked at demonstrations of how meetings could be held remotely, and worked hard to get the necessary technology in place”.

The Mayor continued, “having done so much preparatory work, it was really heartening to see some many members of the public come along to the remote meeting. We counted around 20 in total, which was really good”.

“The meeting itself was not just a get together, we also conducted some important business including approving items of spending; looking at the planning application for a new Aldi in Winsford; and agreeing to put a new online platform in place for Winsford citizens to engage with what we are doing”.

She concluded, “I’m not aware of any other councils locally holding remote meetings yet so it is great to be ahead of the game. None of us know how long this will last for, so we have to find ways to make sure things continue to happen to help those who need help at this present time”.

The Town Council is looking to hold its next meeting remotely on Monday 18th May 2020 at 6.30pm and links to the meeting will be posted online closer to the date.