Town Park Update 20th September 2017

CWAC leader congratulates Winsford Neighbourhood Plan progress


Work is well and truly underway on the Town Park in Winsford.


The contractors have set up their compound at the top of the park nearest the town centre – this area will eventually be the viewing platform that will have a great view all the way down the park to the college.


The top path nearest the bypass has been upgraded. There will be a final surface applied to this soon.


There is a lot of digger work happening at the minute. The levels are starting to show, particularly in the middle where the willow trees are. The middle area will house the play areas and the multi-use games area (MUGA).


Joanne Fawcett who has previously worked at Trentham Gardens in Stoke has developed a planting plan for the park. This will include a lot of grasses and prairie planting that will run from the viewing platform down to the path.


Liam, our commissioned artist has been busy gathering information about Winsford and is starting to put together some ideas for the park.


We are continuing to have discussions with groups and individuals in the town about the Park. These discussions include trying to ensure that the equipment installed in the Park for play can be used by everyone and also that access to the Park is available to everyone (for example, improving the access points for wheelchairs).


We are also listening to ideas about the Park – for instance, a lot of people have asked about a paddling pool in the Park. This would cost a considerable amount of money (probably in the hundreds of thousands of pounds) but it may be that the community can come together to find funding for such a scheme.


If you do have any comments, please email or contact us via Facebook and/or Twitter.


Town Park will be a 22 week build that will be complete by January 2018.


Existing Layout

Proposed Layout