Town Park Update – 26th January 2018




Work on redeveloping the Town Park is continuing, having been held up by the unpredictable weather we have been seeing since the start of the year.


In terms of the work being done, work on the main pathway from the top of the park nearest to the multi-storey car park is now underway.


The stone work for the main entrances has also arrived on site and will start to be installed in the next couple of week.


The artist commissioned to do work on the Town Park is in the process of making the prototype of his artwork at present and the first prototype chimney arrived on site this week. The prototype will provide a guide on where the chimneys are best located and how they will be fitted to the plinths. Once the first is in place, then the others will be installed. The picture of the proposed locations for the chimneys can be seen below.









Finally, the artwork created in part by the residents of Winsford is being put together and this will be delivered shortly and will be displayed in locations around Winsford before being located at Wyvern House.


An update from the artist working on the Park – Liam Hopkins – can be found via this linkĀ