WINSFORD Town Council is continuing to develop its new engagement platform ‘Involve Winsford’ in conjunction with the company CitizenLab and with local residents.

The platform allows the Town Council to engage with local residents on future plans and allows residents to put their own ideas forward.

The platform is in the form of a website, where residents can register, respond to projects being proposed by the Town Council and develop their own proposals,

The platform is designed to allow the Town Council to communicate with residents and to allow residents to play a part in developing the town – to allow people to get involved and have their say.

In using the platform, residents can: –

  • Share ideas on how to improve Winsford or solve existing issues;
  • Propose where council funds should be spent through participatory budgeting;
  • Express opinions on proposed projects/initiatives; and
  • Vote to decide which of the proposed initiatives get implemented by Winsford Town Council

By registering on the site, only those people who live in Winsford will be able to make use of the platform.

Winsford Town Mayor Cllr Ailsa Gaskill-Jones said, “the CitizenLab platform shows that the Town Council is serious about engaging with residents whenever possible and involving them in what we do”.

“Not just that, but we want people to come up with ideas of their own- and we have provided funding to bring some of these into reality”.

“Those who wish to access funding will need to use the CitizenLab tool and we will use the information collected to inform our decisions and allocate that funding.”

As an opening project, people should follow the link where they can decide which animal they wish to adopt to provide some much-needed financial help for the zoo.